Highah Seekah is a talented writer/songwriter and recording artiste, specializing in Reggae music, that is heartfelt, shaped by an infusion of being Jamaican born-and-raised 'til 12, speckled with an American experience from then on, blended together in spiritual awareness and encapsulated with the influence of the RasTafari movement.

Richard Harvey, the name given to him at birth, was born in Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland, Jamaica on August 6, 1980; his birthday is the island nation's Independence Day. He lived in the towns of Burnt Savanna and Frome his first 12 years, some of which were spent in church singing on a local church’s youth choir. His parents migrated the family to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1993.

He wrote his first song in 1997, as an 11th grader; junior year; Piper High School; Sunrise, south Florida - on the outskirts of Fort Lauderdale. While in high school, he sang on the schools Chorus choir as a baritone. The next eight years, he would assiduously compose, record and practice; tuning and improving his talent, cultivating his passion, developing his vocal ability and skill. After reading Destruction Of Black Civilization, his name comes into his consciousness [Highah Seekah]; he accepts and adopts this name in 2005, the same year he performs for the first time, in public - open mic night at Banana Boat in Lauderhill.

Highah Seekah later gains notice by Reggae Festival Guide and is featured in the 2007 issue as ‘Reggae Artist On The Rise.' Subsequent to that first public performance in Fort Lauderdale in 2005, Seekah has since done live performances in the Southeast, Northeast, the DMV and the Midwest in cities such as Chicago and South Bend, Indiana - USA.

In addition to many independent recordings, Seekah’s Official releases include “Dem Neva Think Bout Jah” and “See A Unity” on Riddim Train Volume One by One Harmony Music Group; “Reggae Got Soul” with WonderSound JA; “Bring Em In” with Hummingword Publishing; “Dem Warin’” with Fleximus-Prime Productions; “Dem Scared” with Sir Larsie I. Be on the lookout for Seekah's forthcoming EP, Aiming High.

Furthermore now-a-days, he not only writes, records and performs his own songs, he also shares music of other artistes, as creator/programmer/curator and host of Reggae-Valley Radio [as DJ Fyah Liontist], a project inspired by and spawned from creating and hosting The Reggae-Valley Radio Show on ‘college radio’ WMUA 91.1 FM at University of Massachusetts at Amherst, MA - UMass-Amherst - from 2013 to 2015.

As the name implies, Highah Seekah simply means a seeker of higher consciousness, knowledge and relationship with Self and Creator. Rest assured that Seekah is an artiste that strives to create substance-filled songs that are thought-provoking and that inspire reflection and introspection on matters of Life and the Times.

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