Songwriter and Reggae recording artiste Highah Seekah has been noticed by the Reggae Festival Guide, which named him ‘Reggae Artist on the Rise.' 

Now-a-days he not only writes, records and performs his own music, he also shares the messages of others, as creative director of and as DJ (Fyah Liontist) with LionBird Sound System.

Richard Harvey, the name given him at birth, was born in Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland, Jamaica on August 6, 1980, the island nation's Independence Day (1962). He lived in the towns of Burnt Savanna and Frome his first 12 years, some of which were spent in church singing on the youth choir. His parents migrated the family to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1993.

While in high school, he sang on the schools chorus/choir as a baritone. During high school, in 1997, he began to put pen to paper and voice to music while working with Rising Star SoundSystem, formed with friends and himself. At the turn of the western millennium, year 2000, he began experiencing a 'spiritual awakening' and he became influenced by the Rastafari movement.

Highah Seekah did his first public performance in Fort Lauderdale in 2005 and has since done live performances in the Southeast and Northeast USA. He continues today and has begun to appear on stages in the DMV metropolitan area.

As his name implies, Highah Seekah is a seeker of higher consciousness and he strives to create songs to not only inspire and burn his fire, but to elicit reflection and introspection on matters of life and the times.

With the mission to bring more thought-provoking expression to the mind of the diaspora and world, this Leo born "Fyah Liontist" strives for global reach. 

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