The following day, on the 12, the House voted in favor of the Bill- the US Congress has Legalized and now Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity becomes fully Legal after the President signs it into Law! #FreeUpTheHemp

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Support good ideas; you never know what they can grow into.

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Food for thought. I once read somewhere that “health is all about #consciousness and #healing is a function of consciousness.” As I sit in this place pictured (a retail chain store recently bought-out by your favorite online retail giant), I wonder how many of the people shopping for their organic produce, kombucha, blue-green algae or CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) supplement knows that. That consuming the best in nutrition, while the heart or mind is being consumed by for example hatred or bigotry, probably won’t do as much good, because those types of emotionalities can be as toxic to the body as some of the worst foods one can eat. That ‘negative’ emotions can (potentially) have a neutralizing effect upon one’s best efforts at maintaining or regaining health and wellness. Food for thought. Y🙂ur thoughts?

POWER TO HEAL is up on my website now:

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FEECHA - my Playlist: - have you heard it?

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#nowplaying Best Things - Lose Yourself Instrumental by Highah Seekah via @audiomack

10.1K plays - some people feeling this song I suppose

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Here’s a piiiece of the song AIMING HIGH. This song’s about striving, challenges and the triumphs we desire. Whatsoever the triumph(s) - that “aiming” - may be, this strong desire - that “burning flame” - requires a mindset to match. Also, along the journey, there’s always the possibility of things not going the way we think they should [that “if you miss the moon”] and yet, unplanned or unexpected results can still be favorable [that “you will reach a star”], bringing success and triumph [that “kiss the sky”]. #AimingHighEp will soon be up on and other digital music platforms, in time. | “Aim high; if you miss the Moon, you will surely reach a Star” was taught to me by a teacher in ‘prep’ school days in Westmoreland, Jamaica.
LOOK OUT FOR INCREASINGLY MORE TOP QUALITY PRODUCTION, ALREADY BEING WORKED ON. It’s a long road; sometimes we walk it alone; and sometimes we are graced with company and people who want to work with us to create greater works. For this I Give Thanks 🙏🏿.
Man From The #Feecha》

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I wrote, recorded and presented Free Up The Hemp about four years ago, inspired by a strong enthusiasm for the plant and its historical presence in our anciency and its present and future potentialities. The visual created for the song reached a wider audience via Marijuana Straight Talk on Free Speech TV in 2015. A kind of public service announcement, it is the theme song for a project being cultivated called @hempawarenesstour, which is about learning and educating about Hemp.

Until the world realize that this plant is a special gift from GOD; until we remember our historical relationship with the plant; until we learn that enslaved Africans in America weren’t only planting and picking cotton but Hemp too; until developing and so-called third world countries embrace Hemp as a viable and truly sustainable crop with which to build a vehicle of economic empowerment; until the Industrial Hemp Farming Act is passed and Hemp is fully legal nationally (USA); until with peace of mind, small farms and farmers can grow this plant, which yields the best return of any crop; until there is high public awareness and knowledge of the very many health benefits and uses of Hemp - Free Up The Hemp!

In this 2018 growing season, big-up all current Hemp farmers in North Carolina, Vermont, Kentucky, Colorado, Washington etc.; those in processing; manufacturing, creating various products; those in educating and policymaking; enthusiasts and consumers.
#OdeDarlingDay - Free Up The Hemp - track 11 on FEECHA - playlist streaming at and on #Audiomack | Visuals on YouTube
Man From The #Feecha》

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One of three odes - Agriculcharah - track 12 on FEECHA playlist: #nowplaying Feecha by Highah Seekah via the @audiomack app

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One of three odes - Reggae Got Soul - track 13 on FEECHA playlist: #nowplaying Feecha by Highah Seekah via the @audiomack app

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<p>My Time Studio/Ras Slick + Kappa Records = more new music on the way - “BUILD”<br/>
Man From The #Feecha -</p>

My Time Studio/Ras Slick + Kappa Records = more new music on the way - “BUILD”
Man From The #Feecha -

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