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#AintGivingUpSong is now on your favorite music streaming platform or you can buy, download it and own a piece of Reggae history from iTunes or Amazon or Google Play. “Ain’t Giving Up” by Highah Seekah was released March 10, 2019. Request it from your favorite local radio stations and DJs. Thank you and thanks Kloud Slick Records!

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“It flow like a river/it vast like the sea/the power within you the power that’s with me…”

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Highah Seekah Offers Some Encouragement In ‘Ain’t Giving Up’, New Reggae Single

3/01/2019 by Richard Harvey

📸 by Photo Tekkenz | Highah Seekah


“Play this dose of encouragement tonight and feel better in the morning,” he advises. Permeating the surrounding space with an anthemic-sounding motivational essence, flowing atop a ‘sticky’ one-drop rhythm instrumentation, the new song release that is “Ain’t Giving Up” from Reggae artiste Highah Seekah, carries that kind of presence. Yet it doesn’t stop there.

In its subject, the forthcoming single strikes a balance between different factors: there’s the aforementioned motivating aspect; there’s a dab of historical context; and there’s even simple, practical advice offered - woven together in a song that can truly uplift your vibes, as you travel up the road of life.

A production of Kloud Slick Records - an independent label headed by Ras Slick – an entertainer and artiste himself - “Ain’t Giving Up” was recorded at the label’s My Time Studio. As if aiming to create music that sticks around and have longevity, it is then no wonder why the music accompanying Seekah’s song - as well as Ras Slick’s recent release on the riddim - is called Crazy Glue. Feast your ears on a piece of traditional-sounding Reggae with a fresh and compelling modern crispness.

Highah Seekah, “Ain’t Giving Up”


The main message of “Ain’t Giving Up,” which is now making its way onto music streaming platforms through Zojack World Wide distribution, is encapsulated in the spacey, simplistic wording of its chorus: “Ain’t giving up/keep on living it up/nuh matter what the circumstances/keep on making advances.”

Three verses then accentuates this core message. In verse one, Seekah, who is 38, sings about the power we possess, life and its interconnectedness, his ‘why’ he “sing these tunes,” growth and willpower. In verse two, we hear more of the songs inspiring quality: urging education and mental development; using natural talents and abilities; suggesting standing for something worthwhile; and remembering ancestral achievements. Verse three takes it home, leading us to where it all begins, our internal world.

Listen a preview of the mastered song here:

Born on the island-nation’s Independence Day in Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland, Jamaica, Highah Seekah, whose given name is Richard Omar Harvey, took onto himself his moniker in 2005 (also the year of his first public stage performance), eight years after writing his first song in 1997, while in high school in south Florida, USA.

Those initial eight experimental years and the subsequent developmental years, brings us to today. Here’s a recent video clip of a performance of “Ain’t Giving Up.”

📸 by PhotoTRENic | Highah Seekah performs at Ras Slick & Dutty Bus Crew’s Bob Marley Birthday Bash at The Soundry in Columbia, Maryland, USA on Saturday February 2, 2019.


As it is said, we could all use some encouraging words from time to time. So, per his recommendation, after playing his “dose of encouragement” tonight, or today for that matter, you can go and let Highah Seekah know how you feel in the morning, at or via any of his social media accounts.

“Ain’t Giving Up” will be live on music streaming and download platforms March 10, 2019.

📸 by Ras Slick | Highah Seekah in Silver Spring, MD, USA



Do you use social media? Ras Slick Reveals Forthcoming New Single, Premieres A Sample Of ‘Social Media’

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Reggae lovers, #AintGivingUpSong released March 10, 2019 is now LIVE on music streaming platforms- Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music etc; and for download from Amazon and iTunes.

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Ain’t Giving Up will be on your favorite music streaming platform beginning March 10, 2019. You can even Pre-order the song for download now on Amazon Music.

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[🎧 The whole song is on my IGTV]

“Reggae Got Soul” is my ode to our beloved cultural expression and musical artform, which emerged in the 1960s in Kingston, Jamaica. Reggae has since grown monumentally, worldwide, and has become something of a force, unlike any other genre of music. That fact is most likely due to the ever present acknowledgment of GOD our Great Creator, in its messaging.

[FYI - coming soon, the mixtape ‘Man From The Feecha: The Journey To Now’ || ☀️ BREAKING NEWS ☀️ NEW SINGLE, Aint Giving Up will be on #music streaming platforms March 10, 2019]

'The King’s music’ has become an advocate for change of the imbalanced status quo; a voice of the voiceless; a form of comfort to suffering; an uplifter of a downtrodden spirit; a joy in the face of despair; an intermediary through which commonality between various groups of species of people can be found; a means by which otherwise impoverished populace can provide for themselves and family; a vehicle by which the small nation of Jamaica gains #international reknown; and so, so much more. It is a music I love to listen and consume; as well as to WRITE and CREATE.

FYI - This recording on MOVING RIDDIM was done for promotional purposes. Another version is on a more Dancehall type riddim, part of an official album release by WonderSound JA called REGGAE GOT SOUL with various #artistes including #SugarMinott and #JahdanBlakkamoore. My song, which you can hear ON SOUNDCLOUD, is the title song and track 1 on that album.

#Feecha | @highahseekah |

Posted 3 weeks ago [#NotGonnaTurnItDownSong] A Mildly Spicey Ja🇯🇲aican R&B Fl🔥va: “Not Gonna Turn It Down.” This song and more will be on the forthcoming mixtape, Man From The Feecha: The Journey To Now.

This beat is a remake, by BLAQLight, of Gonna Love Me by Teyana Taylor, a song which I’ve LOVED since first hearing it on the radio in Baltimore, Maryland on Thursday September 6, 2018!

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#nowplaying Feecha by Highah Seekah via @audiomack

FEECHA! Run dat.

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An in-studio view, after Ain’t Giving Up, #AintGivingUpSong was recorded. Since then, the song has now been finalized, mastered and is currently in the process to the music market.

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I loved Teyana Taylor’s “Gonna Love Me” from the moment I first heard it (Thursday September 6, 2018 on radio in Baltimore, Maryland). There’s just something about it! Months later, on YouTube, I found a remake of the beat! What! My song flowed to and out in short order - NOT GONNA TURN IT DOWN.

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…or take two, but don’t call me in the morning!

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Peace; namaste; Shalom.<br/>
A pause, temporary cessation from creative vocation.<br/>
From things temporal, to tune antenna to the galactic positioning service location. <br/>
As energetic rotation rises, in a lone star state, like Texas.<br/>
Activating inner kinetic flotation devices, pineal crown, down to the root, return up pass the solar plexus.<br/>
Ohm; ohm my; I’m in the sky. <br/>
Mind has wings; ain’t it fly.<br/>
This poem will or may Kontinue to grow.
#Feecha everywhere for all things Seekah | <a class="tumblelog" href="">@highahseekah</a> | <a href=""></a> | 5:21 EST Wednesday January 30, 2019<br/><br/>
You heard the #AintGivingUpSong yet? <a href=""></a> <br/><a href=""></a></p>

Peace; namaste; Shalom.
A pause, temporary cessation from creative vocation.
From things temporal, to tune antenna to the galactic positioning service location.
As energetic rotation rises, in a lone star state, like Texas.
Activating inner kinetic flotation devices, pineal crown, down to the root, return up pass the solar plexus.
Ohm; ohm my; I’m in the sky.
Mind has wings; ain’t it fly.
This poem will or may Kontinue to grow.
#Feecha everywhere for all things Seekah | @highahseekah | | 5:21 EST Wednesday January 30, 2019

You heard the #AintGivingUpSong yet?

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My ancestors who went through the Struggle(s), they built civilizations up from the rubble, full time the world respect that on the double, mi buss di wickedman bubble ah trouble!

📸 Highah Seekah in Columbia, MD, USA at The Soundry w/Ras Slick & Dutty Bus Crew Bob Marley Birthday Bash, Saturday February 2, 2019

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